When we wanted to start our Cuttlefish project for this year,  the film-crew of DMP, Dutch Maritime Productions, asked us if we were interested to be part of their new project.

We were to be filmed by them , as we were doing our thing at the Bergse Diepsluis with the bamboo sticks, making structures for the cuttlefish to attach their eggs. Like every year in March/April we start cleaning bamboo sticks, making small packs of them and then take them underwater and “plant” the sticks in the bottom at a depth of 6 to 8 meters.

This film-crew is making a big production which contains a movie for the cinema and a 4 part series for television. This project is all about the salty waters of the North Sea and a bit on Eastern Scheld (Lake Bergse Diepsluis). The title will be: North Sea, Nature Untamed!

My wife Lia and I were thrilled to participate. The filming both under and above water went smoothly…. now we have to wait for 2024 when this film will come to our theaters.

In the meantime our Cuttlefish project is in full swing! Let’s hope for a amazing Cuttlefish year!

René van der Laan, Project manager Bergse Diepsluis, the Netherlands