Supporting the Development & Enforcement of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

Establishing and enforcing Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) give fish and underwater ecosystems space and time to re-establish themselves, grow, thrive, and repopulate the surrounding area.

What Project Baseline is Doing

    • Conducting collaborative missions in areas most in need of MPA designations aimed at advancing the work of research, conservation, and government entities to establish and enforce MPA’s.
    • Leveraging our volunteer divers and our database to contrast numbers of fish living in protected versus non-protected areas.
    • Showing the public how depleted of fish so many dive sites have become and how many fish they can support if protected.”

What You Can Do

    • Speak up! Advocate for and support Marine Protected Area designations in the regions closest to you.
    • Learn more about how your eating choices affect the sustainability of fish populations and make ocean-friendly choices when you eat seafood.