Robert Carmichael

Robert is an inventor, of things and opportunities, a business leader, avid scuba diver and a submersibles pilot. He is the co-founder of Halcyon Manufacturing, a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced scuba diving equipment; founder and CEO of Brownie’s Marine Group, which develops and integrates diving equipment and tankfill systems into and all manners of modern day boating; and the founder and CEO of GlobalSubDive (GSD), which has assembled and operates 50+ meter offshore service vessels (OSVs), remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), and manned submersibles for commercial, research, and conservation projects. Robert has been on the Board of Directors for the scuba diving organization Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) since its inception in 1999, and has been a strong advocate for Project Baseline since its beginning in 2009. Robert helps Project Baseline secure and execute high-profile collaborative missions across the world with scientific and conservation organizations that advance and bring public attention to Project Baseline’s mission.
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Jarrod Jablonski

Jarrod Jablonski is an underwater explorer, diving instructor, author, and business leader. He is the founder of the scuba diving organization, Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) and the co-founder and CEO of Halcyon Manufacturing, a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced scuba diving equipment. He is widely regarded as one of the world’s most accomplished divers holding numerous world records for diving in some of the world’s most remote and challenging underwater environments. Jarrod and GUE have established a comprehensive educational system carefully designed to enhance diver safety and capacity. He brings these skills as well as his substantial connections in the diving industry to bear for Project Baseline to help develop and encourage our base of volunteer divers and expand our mission into broader reaches of the worldwide diving community.
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Martin McClellan

Martin is a business leader and underwater explorer who has a passion for conservation of underwater environments that stems from 40 years of diving in Lake Tahoe, Nevada/California and watching the once crystal clear water steadily degrade over time. Martin has focused his business career on organizational operations. He built and manages Legacy Wealth Planning, a successful financial investment business; and New Millennium Dive Expeditions, a non-profit organization dedicated to the exploration and documentation of historically important submerged cultural resources in Nevada. Before these, he built and sold successful scuba diving businesses. Martin has been an advocate and volunteer for Project Baseline since shortly after its inception in 2009. He organized and managed one of Project Baseline’s first regional projects, PB-Lake Tahoe, and has helped organize, plan, and manage several of Project Baseline’s collaborative missions. Martin helps Project Baseline develop funding and collaboration opportunities; and develop and implement organizational and operational procedures.
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Dr. Todd Kincaid - Executive Director

Todd is a groundwater scientist, underwater explorer, and advocate for science-based conservation of water resources and aquatic environments. He holds BS, MS, and Ph.D. degrees in geology and hydrogeology, and is the founder of GeoHydros, a consulting firm specializing in the development of computer models that simulate groundwater flow through complex hydrogeologic environments. He has been an avid scuba diver since 1980 having explored, mapped, and documented caves, reefs, and wrecks across much of the world. He helped start the diving organization Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) in 1999 and served on its Board of Directors and as its Associate Director from its inception to 2018. Within the scientific and diving communities, Todd advanced the use of volunteer technical divers and the data they can collect in endeavors aimed at understanding, restoring, and protecting underwater environments and water resources. He started Project Baseline with GUE in 2009 and has been the organization’s Executive Director from its beginning. More on Todd at: LinkedIn and ResearchGate