Baselines define environmental conditions prior to a particular action or change. In the absence of established baselines, the best we have are the memories of places from our first encounters. Baseline Shift occurs as one generation after another acquiesces to progressively worse conditions resulting in the total collapse of environmental health.

What is Project Baseline Doing?

Project Baseline was established by divers to confront the rapidly degrading condition of the world’s underwater environments that we explore and cherish; and as a way to provide greater meaning for our dives.

We encourage divers across the world to record changes occurring at their favorite dive sites.

We foster collaborations between our divers and research, conservation, and government entities trying to understand, restore, and protect the underwater ecosystems and cultural features in their areas.

We conduct missions with research, conservation, and government entities aimed at documenting critical but little understood underwater ecosystems and cultural features.

We provide a platform through which the images and data we collect can be shared freely with the world.

What Can You Do?

Divers are in a unique position to help restore and protect the type of world we all want to live in…

Become a member of Project Baseline and join the fight.

Start recording conditions at your favorite dive sites and contribute your images and data to the Project Baseline database. – Learn how.

Find out who’s working to understand and protect the ecosystems you dive in, and identify opportunities to help.

Engage the public with what you know and learn about the underwater world that the vast majority of us will never see.

Speak Up! Advocate for political policies that promote sustainable relationships with your local environment.

Non-Divers Can Help Too!

Becoming a member of Project Baseline expands our voice and makes us stronger advocates – we need you too!Think about how your actions effect the underwater ecosystems you live near. We can all reduce the footprints we leave on the Earth.