Point Lobos State Natural Reserve located in California, USA is known for its spectacular beauty both onshore and offshore. The Reserve is considered “the crown jewel of the State Park System.”

Worm Patch, Photo by Josh Maxwell

This offshore area forms one of the most fascinating underwater habitats that is home to a stunning variety of wildlife. Gorgeous Kelp forests surrounded by rocky reef structures with vibrant colors provides a home to an array of animals such as lingcod, rockfish, invertebrates, harbor seals and sea otters.

Qtip, Photo by Nick Radov

It’s imperative we protect the Reserve by documenting the marine habitat and establishing a baseline to showcase what is at stake and have these habitats preserved for current and future generations.

Hole in the Wall, by Nick Radov

Project Baseline Point Lobos plays an important role in protecting the Reserve by documenting the marine habitats by establishing baseline stations at various locations underwater.

Itchy and Scratchy, Photo by Sabrina & Megan

A dedicated Project Baseline Facebook public group has been established for Point Lobos to provide local divers with an interface to update the main Project Baseline database and post their documentation efforts. The documentation efforts we hope will increase awareness and create a sense of urgency to help the conservation and preservation efforts.

Granite Point Wall, Photo by Josh Maxwell