With the weather in the UK now warming PBUK divers are getting back to the water to support a number of collaboration efforts. We have divers collecting sediment samples for 2 different collaborations.

Firstly PBUK is supporting Dive for Antibiotics by providing sediment samples for analysis and media to help their communications campaign. The project is looking for new sources of antibiotics to help address the global issues associated with antibiotic resistance. This is considered by the World Health Organisation to be one of the biggest threats to global health. More details can be found on the PBUK website here.

Secondly PBUK is collecting sediment for the University of Chester, who are into their second year of macroplastics research. Following some unexpected results last year scientists are now trying to work out why macroplastics around the UK accumulate where they do. One of the anomalies seen last year was that the accumulation of plastics was actually highest in some pretty remote locations. More details can be found here.

PBUK is also gearing up for 2 further collaborations this year. One of these is a 2 day maritime archaeology collaboration. This will involve surveying a wreck suspected of shedding oil following degradation. The results will be compared with baseline surveys from previous years to determine the scale of the problem.

Finally, PBUK is looking forward to its second mission in 2 years with the Blue Marine Foundation  The team will return to the NE coast of the UK to conduct video surveys in support of habitat baselining and the production of educational materials.