Wärtsilä Project Baseline


Project Area Name: Finland Inland Waters

Project Manager Name: Mauro Sacchi

Contact: maurosacchi (at) icloud (dot) com

Social Media: Facebook Group

Videos: YouTube Channel


The Inland Waters project will help us to master the logistics and mechanics of setting up stations underwater, form the team, etc. before engaging in more complex diving activities in the Baltic Sea. Target sites are quarries with mines frequently dived where we see deteriorating visibility probably due to agricultural activities. Following we will also add some of the most known lakes such as Saimaa. Our short-term goal is to ramp up a Project Baseline team, create a sense of purpose, learn the practices of establishing sites/stations in challenging conditions like cold/dark waters. Then our long-term goal is to monitor temperature and visibility fluctuations in inland waters key sites and then with the team start a second project in the Baltic Sea.


There are two ways to submit data to the Project Baseline database. You can submit data for existing projects, and you can submit data for projects that are not currently hosted (ad-hoc) in the database.