Project Name: Sharm el Sheikh

Project Manager: Andrea Schenato

Country: Egypt

Contact: afn (dot) schenato (at) gmail (dot) com


Monitoring of coral's bleaching and growth. Investigation on pollution and human impact on the corals reef of Red Sea. We live in Sharm el Sheikh which is a city on the Red Sea Coast. The environment here is the typical Red Sea one, corals and a lot of underwater life. Our project is to start monitoring the area in front of the diving centre where we work and then try to involve other diving centers to monitor other locations. Here we have also two national parks that are protected and would be great to have a few sites there as well. In this area we have hundreds of diving centers and thousands of divers in the water every day and the sensitization of people is never enough. We decided to start this project to see how corals change. Our plan is to monitor a few stations here in Tiger Bay and then see if we can involve other people, extend the project to other diving centers and other people.


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