Projekt Kamieniolom


Project Name: Projekt Kamieniolom

Country: Poland

Project Manager: Piotr Michalek

Contact: piotr4michalek (at) gmail (dot) com

Social Media: Facebook


The project got created as a response to a growing need for a new diving spot in the region. Projekt Kamieniolom (English: Quarry Project) is an idea to create a divers-friendly place, for them to cultivate their passion. The basin was created in the area left after an old marble excavation pit, around 45km south of Wroclaw, and 55km west of Opole, Poland. An important aim of the project is creation and monitoring of a noble crayfish (Astacus astacus) “conservation farm”. During the basin preparation process a suitable place was selected. Cameras will be installed there in order to monitor the hiding spots. Live feed from the cameras will be available on the project website. As part of the project sturgeons (Acipenser sturio) will be introduced into the basins ecosystem, it will allow the observation of growth and behaviour of those fish. To bring the basin to expected levels of clarity, the water is subjected to mechanical filtration with the use of quartz filters and air barriers (aerators), and biological filtration (using zebra mussels - Dreissena polymorpha) at the water entry points. Chemical and biological tests of the water were also conducted. Water is chemically clean, slightly alkaline. No algae or bacterial containment were detected. Because of that, water in the basin should serve as a good medium for envisioned goals.


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