Project Area Name: Portofino

Project Manager Name: Davide Botazzi

Contact: davide (dot) botazzi (at) yahoo (dot) it


Portofino is a fisherman village famous around the world not only for good food, wine and la dolce vita but also for its Marine Park. Created in 1999, the Marine Reserve of Portofino is managed by a Consortium of authorities including the University and Province of Genoa and the Municipalities of Portofino, Camogli and Santa Margherita Ligure. Encompassing the coastal waters surrounding the peninsula of Mount Portofino, the Reserve offers a unique environment for the study of the sea floor and its steep vertical walls and cliffs. The astonishing abundance and variety of marine life makes it a major attraction for diving enthusiasts. The marine park has more than 20 dive spots and every year thousands of divers come to visit. The Marine park is divided in 3 areas: A-B-C. The "A zone" is completely closed to any human activity, the "B zone" is where we usually dive and where many universities are conducting studies, finally, the "C zone" is the peripheral area of the natural park, less known by divers. The latter is where we want to place one of our stations while the second station will be placed out of the natural reserve boundaries. This will allow us to monitor the differences between protected and unprotected waters within the same environment.


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