Oysterhaven Seagrass


Project name: Oysterhaven Seagrass

Project manager: John Bennett & Tim Butter

Contact: olympe (at) sultansofsurf (dot) com

timothy (dot) butter (at) gmail (dot) com

Social media: Facebook; Instagram


Never has there been a more crucial time to reveal what is happening beneath the surface of the seas.  Oysterhaven bay is an important location as both a public amenity and diving base for Cork Sub Aqua Club.  It has an expansive natural seagrass bed which acts as both a carbon sink and nursery to smaller sea life such as nudibranch, cuttlefish & pipefish along with more familiar creatures e.g. lobster, crab, conger eel & dogfish.  Awareness & monitoring of the conditions below the surface can help indicate our current environmental impact and develop methods to counter any negative impact.  The interconnected processes within the seagrass holobiont impact the complex & important carbon, nitrogen & sulfur cycles.


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