Oostplas Goirle


Project Name: Oostplas Goirle

Country: Netherlands

Project Manager: Huub Martens / Serge Pellikaan

Contact: huub (at) 24diving (dot) nl / sergepellikaan (at) gmail (dot) com


The project called De Baars Goirle, is captured between the highway and the cities Goirle and Tilburg. As the population is growing, it is even more necessary to monitor this lake. Our goal is to observe and monitor the conditions on land and underwater, and maintain its surroundings. Mapping the site and inform local government is required. Make the local people aware about the flora and fauna on land and underwater.

The Oostplas is a freshwater lake between Goirle and Tilburg. It was used for the building of a highway near Tilburg. After the highway was finished the freshwater lake became a dumpsite used by a construction compagnie. Now it is growing to become a favorite dive and swim site. Local government is concerned about the safety and quality of this lake. Using project baseline approach is the best way of informing them. Together with our dive team and other volunteers we hope to give the government a discussion and decision making platform.


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