Project Name: Midland Pools

Project Manager: Martin Maple

Contact: martin (at) maple (dot) org (dot) uk

Social Media: Facebook


The Midland Pools project seeks to document freshwater bodies formed in former quarries in the English counties of Leicestershire and Warwickshire. The sites are of significance due to the geological formations they reveal and the habitat they provide for wildlife, most notably the endangered white-clawed crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes).

The sites are often local nature reserves and may also be designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest. Nevertheless the management of the water bodies can be challenging due to deep water and difficult access resulting in the accumulation of litter over time.

The project aims to map the quarry pools and record any geological, remaining cultural heritage and wildlife present (especially crayfish species). The water quality will be monitored over time. Litter will be removed from the water and the margins. The project will provide a community focus for divers, and will enable their skills to be accessed by nature reserve operators.


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