Project Name: Lake Tahoe

Country: United States

Project Manager: Karl Fendelander

Contact: kfendelander (at) gmail (dot) com


Known as the Jewel of the Sierra, Lake Tahoe is designated as an Outstanding National Resource Water, which is a special designation under the Clean Water Act, because of its historic clarity and water quality. In 2010, the New Millennium Dive Expeditions (NMDE) team began a focused effort to document the true condition of the lake by reporting underwater conditions personally observed at specific locations while submerged from the nearshore down to 450 feet.  In 2011, the team installed four observation Stations at key locations around the lake at depths ranging between 25-75 feet. Each Station provides the team, as well as all Lake Tahoe divers, analogue and temperature depth gauges and standardized visibility measurement system. Each Station is visited on a regular basis by divers. Underwater conditions are recorded and upload to the Project Baseline database and in the near future, will provide the public with a consistent and regular record of lake visibility.


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