Lake Ouachita


Project Area Name: Lake Ouachita

Project Manager Name: Travis McElveen


Lake Ouachita is described as one of the cleanest lakes in the US, however in the short time I’ve been diving there conditions at the lake vary widely from I’ve heard from other divers who have dove there in the past. Lake O is a major recreational lake used by lots of fishermen, recreational water sports, as well as divers from Oklahoma, Arkansas, North Louisiana and Northeast Texas. I’ve heard anecdotally that there used to be quite a bit of hydrilla which was removed some years ago. I suspect that whatever means of removing it may have in some way contributed to the decline in water quality. Short term goals are to track water quality at one site over a period of time, then adding more sites to track how quality varies across different portions of the lake. This information could be used by the Army Corps of Engineers which runs the hydroelectric plant there as well as the Park dept in order to help drive more informed decisions regarding lake use and maintenance.


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