Project Area Name: Lake Iseo

Project Manager Name: Renato Mauro Preda

Contact: tato (at) ncdivers (dot) it

Area Website:

Area Social Media: Facebook


One of the most important lakes of northern Italy is characterized by the presence of a large island which effectively divides the lake into two distinct systems. Our volunteer team dives Lake Iseo frequently and therefore, our primary interest lies in documenting that overall ecological health by regularly monitoring underwater Stations installed at different locations throughout the lake. At first glance, the lake environment seems more dull and unresponsive to change, but a closer inspection reveals the lake is subjected to strong pressure from human impacts. Our endeavor is and will be to testify in the most objective way possible transformations taking place in the lake over a long period of time. In conjunction with this long-term documentation effort, our team of divers collaborates with local organizations at events that raise awareness for the protection of inland waters.


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