Project Area Name: Garda Lake

Project Manager Name: Marco Giuseppe Gritti


Project Baseline Garda Lake volunteers are placing four observation stations at strategic locations throughout Garda Lake (also called Benaco by ancient Romans). Garda Lake is the largest and most famous lake in Italy. It covers an area of 370 square km with a maximum depth of 346 meters. The lake borders three regions, Lombardy, Veneto, and Trentino-Alto. Given the lake's prominent place as one of Italy's most famous natural features, the team is eager to participate in regular documentation of this lake to support aquatic awareness and conservation. The four stations will be monitored every four months for water temperature, visibility, depth and air temperature (at start of each dive). Members of the team's local, GUE dive group called DIRBERGAMO, are located near Stations and frequently go diving in those spots.


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