Project Area Name: Florida Springs

Project Manager Name: Rich Denmark

This is a Documentation Project. Data contributions from the public are welcome. For more information please contact Richie.

Contact: richie (at) gue (dot) com

Area Social Media: Florida Springs on Facebook


"Springs continue to attract people with their unique beauty. They have provided immeasurable natural, recreational and economic benefits for residents and visitors for more than a century. Ginnie Springs is one of the most popular freshwater diving locations in the world. More than a dozen Florida state parks protect the springs for which they are named. The springs' provide recreational opportunities to visitors and several million dollars to the local economy each year. Florida’s springs serve as windows to the mysteries of the Floridan Aquifer, as home for diverse wildlife communities and as favorite recreation sites for many residents and visitors. The challenge lies in preserving the water quality of Florida’s springs while meeting the needs of Florida’s residents, visitors and wildlife." Source.


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