Project Area Name:Belgium

Project Manager Name: Jan Van Winkel

Contact: vanwinkeljan (at) gmail (dot) com

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This Project currently consists of one Site called Muisbroek. Our volunteer team of divers will add more Sites and monitoring Stations as time and resources allow to gain a better understanding of the underwater dynamics in the places we love to dive. Our first established Site, Muisbroek, is a perfect place for training dives. Many people from Belgium do their first dives here, making this an ideal Site to maintain an observation Station that will be visited on a regular and frequent basis. To dive Muisbroek, a permit is required and can be obtained by visiting this link. This area is of particular interest to our Project Baseline team because of the numerous biological specimens encountered during most dives. Typical sightings include: Roach, Carp, Perch, Eel, Pike, Mud Crawlers, Crayfish, Mussels and fossil shells. Our team currently focuses most of their energy on collecting and tracking visibility and temperature data. In addition, our team is spearheading an algae-growth tracking Program by installing and monitoring SETL plates in the waters of Muisbroek.


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