Baseline Twente


Project Name: Baseline Twente

Project Manager: Sebastiaan Baars

Contact: info (at) baselinetwente (dot) nl


Social Media: Facebook


This project baseline initiative started by a group of active GUE divers in the neighbourhood of Twente. The goal aligns with what GUE and Project Baseline stands to create awareness to the community. The first goals are to measure and log visibility and temperature data of Grasbroek, one of many lakes in the area. At a later stage, the work will be extended with other initiatives as for example Netlake. As most inland lakes in the Netherlands, Grasbroek started as a sand excavation site. The excavated sand was needed for the construction of the local highway. After the construction work was finished, a lake was left behind which was used by the local community for recreation. The lake has a maximum depth of 12 meter and in general has descent visibility. Various objects are placed such as three small boats, a motorbike, and underwater habitat (requires a key). It has a rich flora/fauna of water plants and fish. Pike, eel and perch are common sights.


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