Bahrain’s Underwater Theme Park


Project Area Name: Bahrain’s Underwater Theme Park

Project Manager Name: Ahmad AlHusaini

Contact: Ahmad.AlHusaini (at) hotmail (dot) com

Area Social Media: Instagram: @diver.gue


Bahrain has started to build the largest underwater theme park in the World and they started by submerging a Boeing 747 as the main attraction. Currently it is just the plane with no corals and marine life around it. I am hoping to document the growth of corals in and around the airplane as well as the growth of life. I am also hoping to document visibility and water temperature as well as outside weather and temperature to try and see if this affects the underwater environment. The Boeing 747 is just the beginning, as the theme park expands I plan to expand the places I do the research. Because the theme park will include a replica of a Bahraini merchants house as well as artificial reefs and sculptures.


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