Aotearoa Lakes


Project Name: Aotearoa Lakes

Country: New Zealand

Project Manager: Ebrahim Hussain

Contact: nzlakesorg (at) gmail (dot) com


Social Media: Facebook, Instagram


We are a group of passionate volunteers and trained professionals who want to understand and improve New Zealand’s lakes. Our focus is to collaboratively gather environmental data to support government and research organizations. We use community members, citizen science and emerging technologies to collect data for tangible ecological outcomes. Education is a key value for our organization, and we provide training to empower local communities to restore their local lakes. The founding principle of this initiative is to ensure that all the data we collect directly contributes to regional authorities and informs holistic management strategies. As a result, we collect a variety of data from our sites across the country that range from continuous water quality parameters to targeted investigations and ecological surveys (both aquatic & terrestrial).


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