Project Area Name: Vinkeveen

Project Manager Name: Rick van Dijk

Contact: info (at) zeep-vinkeveen (dot) org

Area Website:

Area Social Media: Facebook


Project Baseline Nionplas asking local divers to observe water quality (and changes therein) of Nionplas and then register thier observations. Divers can share thier previously collected (for personal use) pictures, video and diving 'logs' for storage in the database provided. They will also be encouraged to participate in the measurement of specific underwater structures such as current and temperature according to our team standards.

Collaborators: Stichting Ravon

Our team coordinates with an organization called Stichting Ravon on the Lota Lota project. The Lota Lota is a burbot that is nearly extinct in The Netherlands. We aim to find the last few and are together searching for his/her breeding grounds. For clients RAVON provides advice, information and conducts research for cold-blooded vertebrates (reptiles, amphibians and fish). Additionally RAVON collects population data and we are responsible for the organization of national networks and the diffusion research, where thousands of volunteers are involved.


There are two ways to submit data to the Project Baseline database. You can submit data for existing projects, and you can submit data for projects that are not currently hosted (ad-hoc) in the database.