Swiss Alpine Lakes


Project Area: Swiss Alpine Lakes

Project Manager: Stella Del Curto

Country: Switzerland

Contact: info (at) stellastyles (dot) com


Social Media: Facebook



In Ticino, the southern region of Switzerland, there are more than 40 alpine lakes placed at altitudes between 1000 and 3000 meters above the sea. Most of these lakes have a similar history of formation due to the glaciers, but all of them are different in size, depth and environment. Quite all have often fishes like trout or chars. Few of these lakes have been dived until now due to the difficulties to reach them and arrange a diving logistics, the project aims to try to expand the knowledge about the underwater environment in those lakes by collecting samples and photo/video material. These locations matter to us as Switzerland is well known for its mountains and the lakes are a way to join two passions in one (climb mountains + diving).

As it's not easy to get there (dive gear must be transferred by helicopter, people must climb by feet as the Swiss law do not admit people transportation in a helicopter above 1100 meters except you have special permissions) we plan to do one or two sessions of documentation by year, in summer (in winter, of course, the dive spots are quite all inaccessible due to a lot of snow and iced surface).


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