Saanich Inlet


Project Area Name: Saanich Inlet

Project Manager Name: Christopher Locker

Contact: ccrl1970 (at) gmail (dot) com

Area Website:

Area Social Media: Facebook. Instagram


The volunteers of Saanich Inlet are interested in the long-term documentation of this aquatic area since it is frequented on a regular basis for training, exploration and recreational purposes by local divers. Our main project efforts are to document and monitor the glass sponges of the Saanich Inlet. We currently monitor 3 sponges at the McKenzie Bight site and a shipwreck and reef ball at the Henderson Point site. Photogrammetry has been employed on all stations.

Collaborations: Our activities have now expanded into community outreach projects. We collaborate with the local governing body Capital Regional District for a lake clean up (Durance Lake) and we actively remove commercial abandoned crab traps from the Saanich Inlet in the same respect.


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