Lake Pupuke

Project Name: Lake Pupuke

Country: New Zealand

Project Manager: Ebrahim Hussain

Contact: ebihussain (at) gmail (dot) com

Social Media: Facebook


Lake Pupuke is regularly used for recreational purposes as well as national and international sporting events. It is also used as a training ground for a variety of water sports including SCUBA diving, free diving, canoeing, sailing and swimming.

The primary purposes of this project will be to enlist the aid of local residents to obtain graphical information on water clarity, algal movement and general environmental observations at various sites and depths throughout Lake Pupuke.

These sites where selected because they are on opposite sides of the lake and both sites are used as training sites for SCUBA divers. These sites also have public parks and sailing clubs near them so the surface meta data can be easily collected by local communities that regularly visit these parks.

There is a suite of supplementary data that will be included as part of the study.

Parameters to be monitored:

    • Water clarity at several sites and depths
    • Water temperature
    • Photos of algal blooms (depth, volume, colour etc)
    • Any abnormalities
    • Riparian extent
    • Aquatic fauna
    • Aquatic bird numbers
    • Land use
    • Weather conditions
    • Organic silting

All of these parameters are easily measured by members of the public through basic photos and documentation of observations. These photos will be a valuable graphic representation of the lake over time and one can obtain a wealth of information from them.

This data will be used to better focus the Auckland Council’s Lake Pupuke management plan and it will complement the Regional Lakes Monitoring Program. All of this will allow us to make better informed decisions on the long term management of local water bodies.


    • The Auckland Council Environmental Monitoring Research & Evaluation team
    • The North Shore Local Board
    • The Auckland Council Healthy Waters team
    • The Auckland Council Natural Environment Strategy team
    • The Auckland Council Biodiversity team
    • The Auckland Council Biosecurity team
    • Global Dive
    • North Shore Free Diving Club


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