The objectives of the Florida Community Coral Nursery Program are to help restore Florida’s coral reefs, while optimizing public education and outreach opportunities. The timeline below provide a brief story of how it developed, and the PB website and website for the Reef Discovery Center provide a glimpse into the future.

2014 – SFAEP/FMNP collaboration on a Community Coral Nursery Program.
2017 – FWC Special Activities License for “restoration broodstock” coral nursery.
2017 – FWC Special Activities License for tagging reef-associated sharks.
2019 – FDEP expressed interest in physical coral conservation public outreach facility.
2020 – RDC founded to expand coral restoration in Florida.
2021 – RDC founder purchases facility on SR-A1A/Ocean Boulevard for coral nursery and public education and outreach.
2021 – USACE and FDEP permits for removal of tires from reefs and coral nursery trees.
2021 – Lauderdale-By-The-Sea town commission approval to use former Biorock Reef.
2021 – RDC and SFAEP enter into collaboration agreement.
2021 – SFAEP funded two onshore coral nursery “restoration broodstock” tanks at RDC.
2021 – Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee established for “restoration broodstock” coral nursery – currently has 40.
2021 – Volunteer group created to maintain “restoration broodstock” coral nursery – currently has 46.
2021 – Gold Coast Scuba dive shop collaboration to find coral maintenance volunteers.
2021 – RDC volunteers tour FWC/Disney/SeaWorld Coral Rescue Center in Orlando and the Florida Aquarium Coral Conservation Center in Ruskin.
2021 – SFAEP established wholesale public aquarium account with large aquarium equipment supply company.
2022 – First SFAEP “restoration broodstock” coral nursery setup at RDC.
2022 – RDC board member funds large native-species educational display tank at RDC.
2022 – FMSEA membership and FWC/FMSEA Special Activities License for educational collection.
2022 – Tortuga Music Festival Conservation Village public outreach booth.
2022 – Ocean Conservation Day public outreach booth.
2022 – FMSEA annual conference exhibutor booth.
2022 – RDC collaborates in Dania Beach Pier Cleanup.
2022 – REEF/FDEP BleachWatch monitoring transect with survey stations established off adjacent public beach access.
2022 – SFAEP/RDC propose mooring buoys for survey stations, and to protect reefs near special events organized by others.
2022 – Florida Community Coral Nursery Program joins Project Baseline.
2022 – Abstract approved for presentation at ICRI Reef Futures 2022 Conference.
2022 – RDC signs contract with Formula D Interactive to develop concepts for immersive, interactive displays about Florida’s coral reefs.
2022 – RDC applies for AAUS Organizational Membership and establishes Scientific Diving Program to offer training to public.
2022 – Approval of construction plans for RDC imminent and will include space for three more coral nursery tanks and high-tech public outreach facility.