Project Manager

To learn more about just a few of our current volunteer Project Managers, take a look at our Project Manager Profile PDF availabe for download at this bottom of this page.

Axel Gunderson

Project Managers take on the primary responsibilities of managing a Project Baseline area. Responsibilities and qualifications typically include:

  • Recruit and manage volunteers who support your Project Area
  • Establish the overall goals, objectives and diving schedule for your Project and team
  • Manage Data Uploads to the Project Baseline database using the web-based interface
  • Maintain communication with Program Manager
  • Participate in remote bi-monthly Project Manager Council Meetings (held once every two months)
  • Establish and maintain local community connections with the public as well as appropriate local and regional environmental regulating agencies
  • Manage Public Relations material for web and print media
  • Participate in outreach events by hosting or attending informal socials, events, public forums and meetings
  • Current GUE membership is encouraged

To initiate your own Project area, please contact our Program Manager or visit the Project Standards page for more details. 


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