Project Baseline Volunteer Shares Project at New York Dive Show

Submitted by: Lisa Jong-Soon Goodlin, Site Manager, Project Baseline St. Lawrence River, USA

I was fortunate to be selected to give a presentation at the first Central New York Dive Show. On Sunday, April 10, the doors opened on the inaugural event hosted at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, New York, with vendor booths in one room and presentations in the second room. SDI/TDI, Hollis, three local dive shops, an aquarium store, and a dive charter set up in the vendor room. Presentations ran from 1:00 pm to 6:30 pm, and attendees were given access to the indoor zoo exhibits after the rest of the zoo closed.

My presentation on the projects of Project Baseline: St. Lawrence River, USA was similar to one I gave at the Project Baseline weekend last fall in Clayton, NY, however at this event I did not have the advantage of having Vanessa, Project Baseline's Program Manager, speak before me to introduce the audience to what Project Baseline is all about.

I gave a brief overview of the mission and objectives of Project Baseline and then described the two projects that Project Baseline: St. Lawrence River, USA is coordinating: a site-based project on the wreck of the A. E. Vickery and a fish data collection project to support research at the Thousand Islands Biological Station, a program of the State University of New York College of Environmental Science.
Central New York Dive Show 2016 Logo
My talk was well-attended with a near capacity crowd of around 50, and several people afterwards asked how they could help collect fish data. Because not everyone is a diver or can help with our specific projects, in the future I plan to add to my presentation information on simple, everyday things people can do to help the environment.

For most people in the audience this was the first time hearing about Project Baseline and GUE. In Central New York, only a handful of people have taken a GUE class, and our community is very small. Next year I would like to see a larger GUE and Project Baseline presence at the dive show with, perhaps, an information booth as well as another presentation. I know that GUE works by attraction and not promotion, but it really can’t attract people if they have never even heard of GUE!

Here in New York State it is just starting to feel like spring, and I am looking forward to another season of diving and doing what I can to help keep our local waters healthy.

Watch the volunteers of PB: St. Lawrence River USA in action right here!


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