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By M. Don Schorn

The Elder Gods concept deals a revised account of our past.

Known archaeological findings don't totally help traditional causes for Earth's improvement, or the emergence of humankind as a species.

Archaic proof and historical texts recommend that extraterrestrial affects can have been current when you consider that primordial occasions. in line with glossy discoveries and reevaluation of old documents and artifacts, this concept addresses quite a lot of subject matters, answering many mysterious questions together with the following:

•Do historical files, mythological bills, and sacred texts demonstrate the presence of otherworldly benefactors?

•Did existence inside of our sunlight process first increase on one other planet past Earth?

•Might people be a hybrid production mixed from indigenous Earth species and extraterrestrial life?

•Did a disastrous celestial occasion round 700,000 BC adjust a complicated neighboring planetary civilization?

•Was Earth infiltrated via alien existence from that neighboring planet through the historic past?

•Do yes archaic cave work and rock drawings really depict aliens and lengthy extinct animals?

•Did Atlantis, Lemuria, or Mu as soon as exist someday in the course of Earth's distant past?

•What adjustments happened in the world after the nice Flood?

•Did giants as soon as roam our planet?

•Are Earth's oldest megalithic stone buildings the paintings of extraterrestrial influences?

•Were nuclear guns used in the course of an historical war?

•Were convinced gods of varied olden religions truly extraterrestrial visitors?

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