Urtaru (The Urtaru Chronicles Book 1)

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The Ghost has been tracking these bizarre machines and is close to finding their origin: a deranged military scientist who is slowly rebuilding himself as a machine. The novel revolves around a nameless Vonnadorian narrator who has been sent to Earth disguised as Cambridge math professor Andrew Martin. The protagonist joins a group using a future comet like Shoemaker-Levy 9 to enter and find a livable environment in the atmosphere of Jupiter.

Pages: 328

Publisher: Self; 2 edition (October 25, 2008)


Against Gravity

Obtuse Angles: A Science Fiction Tree, Novella

Bumbly Goes Forth

In the upper reaches of the Amazon River, a scientific team discovers an amphibious creature, a living missing link. The creature is captured and falls in love with the female assistant of the leader of the research team. The lonely creature kidnaps her, and the scientist mounts an effort to reclaim his sweetheart and return the creature to his watery home. DVD special features: Back to the Black Lagoon, feature commentary with film historian Tom Weaver, production photographs, theatrical trailers, cast and filmmakers, production notes. 79 min Four Lives download online Four Lives. In its broadest sense, this is a movie about the dehumanising impact of technology, as Sam Rockwell’s lone astronaut waits impatiently to head home from his mining base on the moon. But it also deals with the sheer overwhelming monotony of everyday life and the crushing depression of solitude. Jones keeps everything simple, confining the film to a handful of rooms with a couple of outdoor scenes, and limiting the characters to two Sam Rockwells, plus Kevin Spacey’s voice-only turn as a controlling robot , source: Rescued From Paradise projectbaseline.org. Most science fiction, it has been said, is driven by violent conflict; Babel-17 avoids that, having an idea - an untranslatable language - and unpacking it, unfolding out from there Jam http://projectbaseline.org/books/jam. Comparisons with the contemporary Vietnam War aside, the book was quite simply un-put-down-able! A great story of grunt soldiers training and fighting aliens over a possible misunderstanding with the added concept that the great distances they need to travel to the war zone means the Earth they know goes through changes they could not have foreseen , cited: People Minus X read online kheladesigns.com. Many great science stories destined to be of historical interest are still to be written ... Posterity will point to them as having blazed a new trail, not only in literature and fiction, but progress as well." The Cobalt Universe is a world much like our own, but with Cobalt City in New England the home to some of the planet's most powerful super-heroes and villains The Gods of Mars read here projectbaseline.org.

Mezi tyto vědy se počítá: fyzika, astrofyzika, astronomie a podobné disciplíny. Nejtypičtějším příkladem hard SF je román Hala Clementa Těžká expedice. Později se definice rozšířila a jako hard SF se označuje sci-fi postavená na jakékoli přírodní vědě (např. díla Grega Beara používají znalosti z biologie) The Hole in the Magic Shield (The Ancients of Earth) (Volume 2) http://kheladesigns.com/freebooks/the-hole-in-the-magic-shield-the-ancients-of-earth-volume-2. Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rachel Ticotin, Sharon Stone, Michael Ironside, Ronny Cox. A worker leaves Earth for the mind-bending nightmarish reality of a Martian mining colony filled with rebellious mutants, an alluring and mysterious woman and ruled over by a dictator who can alter reality to suit his whims. 113 min. DVD 870; VHS 999:3066 Clarke, Arthur C. 2001: a space odyssey / Arthur C ref.: Aurora Rising read pdf read pdf. AUTHORS: annotated list of 3,284 links, last updated 22 August 2004; also some brief notes on 6,108 authors and pseudonyms NOT on the Internet, last updated 11 August 2004, for a total of 9,392 authors' hotlinks or names or pseudonyms or notes The Defiant Agents download for free projectbaseline.org.

Yesterday's Pawn

Whipping Star

The Black Fleet: Devil In Hiding

His non-fiction includes collections of his correspondence with C. Lewis and Lord Dunsany, as well as many books on physics, science, and space travel, from 1950's guidebook Interplanetary Flight to 1994's The Snows Of Olympus, a graphic look at a terraformed Mars. His latest, Time's Eye, is a new collaboration with Stephen Baxter, the first in a series of novels involving a cataclysm that slices Earth into segments from across history, leading cosmonauts and prehistoric humans to mix in an epic struggle Islands of Space projectbaseline.org. When a fraction tries to revive advanced technology they are ruthlessly exterminated by orbital strikes. 800 years later their second line of defense wakes up. Nimue Alban is an android with the mind and memories of a long dead starship captain The Human Front (Outspoken download online runningselfie.com. People attack the Traveller rules for “not making sense,” for “not being realistic.” Flamewars have broken out over the logic (or lack thereof) of Interstellar Trade, Piracy, Ship Design, and more. People point out that the computers are too large, that the world generation system flies in the face of astrophysics, and so forth Scatterbrain read here http://projectbaseline.org/books/scatterbrain. Herodotus records that Aesop was a slave who lived around 550 B. C., probably not Greek, possibly from Sardis (in asia). The moralized beast tale associated with Aesop is common worldwide, surely not his invention, typical of 7th century B. Greek poetry and the oldest parts of the Old Testament. Still, we are stuck with his name when we discuss "Bambi's Children." But that’s not enough to make it a fantasy world. So a subset of furry fiction is SF, and a larger subset is fantasy. But there’s a bunch of furry fiction that is just exploring human stories in the real world without enough fantasy or SF elements to appeal to readers of those genres ref.: Luminosity: A Dystopian Apocalypse Novel (The Luminosity Series Book 1) http://projectbaseline.org/books/luminosity-a-dystopian-apocalypse-novel-the-luminosity-series-book-1. Equilibrium (directed by Kurt Wimmer, 2002) 60. Gojira /Godzilla/ (directed by Ishirô Honda, 1954) 59. Stalker (directed by Andrei Tarkovsky, 1979) 58. Starman (directed by John Carpenter, 1984) 57 Nanotime download here Nanotime.

Oupost Infinity & The White Invaders

Impact Winter

Sound of Silence

Conrad's Time Machine

The Panchronicon

The Windup Girl Publisher: Brilliance Audio on CD Unabridged; Unabridged edition

White Moon, Red Dragon (Chung Kuo, Bk. 6.)

Unplugged: Life without power or communications


The Good and Evil Angels


The Reaping: Science Fiction Apocalyptic Thriller

Warrior: En Garde (Battletech)

In the eighties, environmental disasters like acid rain, Chernobyl, Three-Mile Island, Bhopal, global warming, Love Canal, ozone depletion, and so on, confronted the public with images of the future in slow decay, images that not surprisingly found themselves linked in the popular imagination to fears of nuclear annihilation ref.: Red Mars http://www.neuroky.fi/?freebooks/red-mars. A more recent study that provides a useful theoretical framework is Carl Malmgren's Worlds Apart, which gives considerable attention to SF that critiques prevailing scientific assumptions and methods, challenging "natural'' law The Cunning Blood download for free savannahmcgowan.com. These authors do more than merely prophesy modern technologies -- they also consider the consequences of their fictional inventions in great detail. DN: Some great Media Lab projects were inspired by reading science fiction stories. I have a project called the Narratarium, which is a context-aware immersive environment. It began as an idea from a brainstorming session with one of the members of the Lab, but I quickly realized that I was building a mashup of the immersive environments from Ray Bradbury’s “The Veldt” and The Young Lady’s Primer from Neal Stephenson’s Diamond Age , e.g. Voyagers III: Star Brothers http://projectbaseline.org/books/voyagers-iii-star-brothers. In this action packed science fiction serial in 12 chapters, Buck Rogers and young Buddy Wade, preserved in a state of suspended animation for 500 years, are brought back to life by future Earth scientists. D. to find planet Earth in a state of emergency being ruled by Killer Kane and his super gangsters. Buck and Buddy solicit the help of the planet Saturn to rid the universe of this sinister tyrant ref.: After London or Wild England read for free http://drhati.com/freebooks/after-london-or-wild-england. These achievement awards are given to the top SF writers, editors, illustrators, films, and “fanzines.” The starship Enterprise from Star Trek III: The Search for … Science fiction is a modern genre , source: Veteran http://projectbaseline.org/books/veteran. Royston becomes desperate to trap the force before its power overcomes mankind. 1952. 91 min. DVD X3158 Assignment: Outer Space (aka Space Men) (Italy, 1960) Directed by Antonio Margheriti. Cast: Rik Von Nutter, Gaby Farinon, David Montresor, Archie Savage, Alain Dijon. Astronauts on a secret mission to Mars discover that an unstoppable renegade space station is speeding toward a defenseless Earth on a deadly collision course Mona Lisa Overdrive arsenaultdesign.com. LeGuin took the two sister planets concept to unbelievable heights. Shevek's tale is possibly the only one that matters, and I won't be shocked if it inspires a religion and saves us all at some point down the road. Vance picked up this world again in the early 1980s with the masterful Cugel's Saga and finished it off with Rhialto the Marvellous ref.: The Walls Have Ears kjsenderscounseling.com. I looked to my left, through a viewport, and saw a thumb-sized world, wrapped up in shadow. This story was first published on Friday, October 14th, 2016 Discover the Who’s Who of award-winning authors, stories, editorial insights, news, reviews, events… Come tour our universe! Our blockbuster December 2016 novella, “Where There Is Nothing, There Is God” by David Erik Nelson, is a rollicking Time Portal tale Open Our Eyes: Seeing the Invisible People of Homelessness http://oihanarte.com/?ebooks/open-our-eyes-seeing-the-invisible-people-of-homelessness. Folklore and mythology also hold a trove of ideas for science fiction stories. Hard science fiction writer Larry Niven uses the unicorn myth in The Flight of the Horse, while Alan Dean Foster utilizes Navajo sandpaintings in his novel Cyber Way , source: Triggers download here download here.

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