Ubuntu 12.04 Sever: Administration and Reference

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This feature may be useful for finding information about earlier operating system releases or specific types of alerts. How Linux Works CTDP Guide - This document explains in detail, how the system operates from the kernel operation, and how it locates the root filesystem to how many system and network services work. We are used to seeing both the Network and Sharing Center and the Internet Options but the HomeGroup is new. Although the format for this file is not complicated, it is a bit more work than simply specifying a set of files on the command line, as CDRECORD allows.

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Hack Attacks Denied: A Complete Guide to Network Lockdown for UNIX, Windows, and Linux, Second Edition

In many cases, a command’s output is less important than whether or not it succeeded or failed. Because most programs return an exit code indicating success (usually 0) or failure (usually any nonzero value), from a programmatic standpoint it is sufficient to use the predefined Bash variable? to check a program’s exit status , source: Learn System Center download online projectbaseline.org. Type the following command to install the anonftp RPM (replace /mnt/cdrom with the mount point of your CD-ROM drive if it is different): If you build and install WU-FTPD from source, RPM may fail, complaining about unmet dependencies , cited: Building Linux Virtual Private read here projectbaseline.org. Before ls executes, `which tar` will be replaced by its result (/bin/tar, in this case). So, for example the two commands $ which tar /bin/tar $ ls -l /bin/tar -rwxr-xr-x 2 root root 150908 Mar 6 11:34 /bin/tar produce the same result as the single command $ ls -l `which tar` -rwxr-xr-x 2 root root 150908 Mar 6 11:34 /bin/tar Command substitution is very commonly used in shell scripts, and you will see it used throughout this chapter , source: Linux Journal, Issue 56, download pdf http://drhati.com/freebooks/linux-journal-issue-56-december-1998-system-administration-interview-with-linus-torvalds-56. Again, the default values for each configuration directive, whether assigned by the Apache Group or by Red Hat, are shown in bold face. Defines the port on which the primary server listens for connections if no BindAddress or Listen directive specifies a port number with :port; has no effect otherwise Specifies the user name or, if prefixed with #, the UID under which the child servers execute Specifies the group name or, if prefixed with #, the GID under which the child servers execute Defines the e-mail address included in error messages displayed to client connections Specifies an alternative name for the server, such as www.mydomain.com, that is different than the host’s actual name (webbeast.mydomain.com) Sets the base directory from which all requested documents will be served; document URLs (file names) are interpreted relative to DocumentRoot; see also UserDir Defines the subdirectory in a user’s home directory that is used when clients request documents belonging to a specific user Specifies one or more filenames that serve as a directory index when a request does not specify a particular file or document Lists one or more file names in the complete path to the requested document that define and control access to documents in each directory or subdirectory at the same level as or below the topmost directory where the file(s) specified by AccessFileName (if any) is found Controls how Apache constructs a self-referential URL; if set to On, use ServerName and Port; if set to Off, use the host name and port supplied by the client (if any) or the canonical name otherwise Sets the file name of the MIME types configuration file (relative to ServerRoot if the file name does not begin with /), which maps file name extensions to content types (see also AddType) Defines the default MIME type when a requested document’s MIME type cannot be determined using the TypesConfig or AddType directives Controls whether or not Apache performs DNS lookups on connecting hosts in order to log host names Defines the name of Apache’s error log, relative to Defines the format in formatstr Apache uses for messages it logs in the access log (see also TransferLog and CustomLog) Defines the name of Apache’s access log and the log format used when logging requests to the server Directs Apache to append the ServerName and version number as a footer to generated documents, such as error message, FTP file listings, and so forth Links the directory urlpath, specified relative to DocumentRoot, to the file system directory dirpath, which is outside the server’s file system Functions exactly like the Alias directive and also indicates that dirpath contains executable CGI scripts Specifies the behavior of Apache’s directory indexing feature Sets icon as the icon to display next to files with the MIME encoding of mimeencoding; used with the FancyIndexing directive Sets icon as the icon to display next to files with the MIME type of mimetype; used with the FancyIndexing directive Sets icon as the icon to display next to files ending with name; used with the FancyIndexing directive Sets the default icon displayed next to files whose MIME or content type cannot be determined; used with the FancyIndexing directive Adds the string str as the description for one or more files named file; used with the FancyIndexing directive Defines README.html as the file whose contents will be appended to the end of a directory listing mimeencoding for files ending with name, overriding previous encodings for name Maps the file name extension specified by name to the MIME language mimelang, overriding existing mappings for name Adds the specified mimetype for files ending in name to the list of MIME types read from the TypeConfig file To facilitate further discussion of the directives in Table 15-2, Listing 15-2 shows the corresponding entries from Red Hat’s default Apache configuration , source: Linux Cookbook download here download here.

At GMU, the Math department runs two Ethernets: one with fast machines for professors and graduates, and another with slow machines for students. Both are linked to the FDDI campus backbone network. This connection is handled by a dedicated host called a gateway that handles incoming and outgoing packets by copying them between the two Ethernets and the FDDI fiber optic cable Beginning Fedora Desktop: Fedora 20 Edition http://projectbaseline.org/books/beginning-fedora-desktop-fedora-20-edition. Using SWAT Before you can use SWAT, you need to change two files to enable it. This file is a list of Internet services and their port numbers and protocols. You need to add the following line to /etc/services. Swat 901/tcp Next you need to add a line to /etc/inetd.conf. The inetd daemon runs at system startup and listens for connections at specific ports Ubuntu Server Administration (Network Professional's Library) http://swoopin.net/lib/ubuntu-server-administration-network-professionals-library. This could include message boards, productivity tools, and files. A subset of project workspace sharing is the ability to share files. Although this ability exists today with the current version of Windows, it can be enhanced through peer-to-peer networking to make file content available in an easy and friendly way , source: Linux Security (Networking) by Siddiqui, Shadab (2002) Paperback http://projectbaseline.org/books/linux-security-networking-by-siddiqui-shadab-2002-paperback.

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That causes some routine accounting task to fail because it can't create a temporary file. You (root) get mail that a routine accounting task failed, investigate, and discover that the machine has been compromised Mastering Linux Shell download epub http://ecofreshcarpets.com/books/mastering-linux-shell-scripting. You can use one of the following commands to force Apache to reread its configuration file: The first command stops and restarts the server , e.g. The Complete Linux Kit chiaradalmaviva.com. In this case, the gawk capability is another RPM, and the glibc capability identifies the minimum acceptable version of glibc , source: Complete Guide to LINUX System read epub read epub. In this RAID level all the data is saved on mirrored volumes which are in turn stripped, so any disk failure saves data loss. The key difference from RAID 0+1 is that RAID 1+0 creates a striped set from a series of mirrored drives , e.g. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Advanced Administration (Course 3073 Version 2 Workbook & Manual) http://pistolhill.com/library/suse-linux-enterprise-server-10-advanced-administration-course-3073-version-2-workbook-manual. Of course, any software you use can be dangerous because software may have bugs that clever people might exploit to gain access to your system SUSE Linux Enterprise - Point of Service 11 Guide http://projectbaseline.org/books/suse-linux-enterprise-point-of-service-11-guide. You can use only one options statement, but you can have more than one value for that statement. In Chapter 12: The Domain Name System the sample file shown in Figure 12-6, the options statement shows the path to where additional configuration files used by named are located. By specifying the directory where other files are located, it is not necessary to list the entire path to the file, just the name of the file for any files shown in the remainder of named.conf Linux Routers: A Primer For read online read online. Thus, selecting good passphrases is vitally important. Good passphrases have the following characteristics: • They contain a mixture of upper and lowercase alphanumeric and symbolic characters, but do not use single or double quotes. • They are between 8 and 1,023 characters in length. • They are completely different from the root password for the system Data Recovery Tips & Solutions: Windows, Linux, and BSD chiaradalmaviva.com.

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Specifies file characteristics that should be retained on the archived versions of the files. Specifies that the names of the files should be modified using the regular expression given in the argument string before the files are archived Pro Linux System Administration by Turnbull, James, Lieverdink, Peter, Matotek, Dennis [Apress, 2009] (Paperback) [Paperback] http://chiaradalmaviva.com/ebooks/pro-linux-system-administration-by-turnbull-james-lieverdink-peter-matotek-dennis-apress. Next, complete the process by configuring the Pine mail program to handle NNTP-based news. Start Pine at the command line by typing pine. 5. Type C to get to the configuration screen. 7. Use the down arrow key to highlight nntp-server. 8 ref.: FreeBSD Mastery: Specialty download epub http://projectbaseline.org/books/free-bsd-mastery-specialty-filesystems-it-mastery-volume-8. The script in Listing 19-16, dskusg.sh, prints a report of disk usage for each mounted file system, sorting the output from the largest to the smallest directory. Listing 19-16: Displaying Disk Usage Sorted by Top-Level Directory Size #!/bin/sh # dskusg.sh - Print disk usage on each file system for top level # directories in descending order [ $UID -eq 0 ] Now the server will create a thread for each client connecting to it. $ telnet localhost 8888 Trying Hello Client, I have received your connection. And now I will assign a handler for you Hello I am your connection handler Its my duty to communicate with you This one looks good, but the communication handler is also quite dumb , cited: Puppet Reporting and download epub download epub. Or you could choose to progress to the HNC Administration. ... (Training Available in Milton keynes by Jewel & Esk College) NC in Administration Intermediate 2in Milton keynes Course Title Advanced SUSE LINUX Administration Course Duration 5 days PrerequisitesThe prerequisite for this course is the Linux Administration course or experience managing networked SUSE Linux desktops or servers in a computing environment , cited: Linux Server Hardening: Server Security from TLS to Surveillance projectbaseline.org. A dedicated firewall hardware component, for instance, might be a host containing no read/write storage capability, one that perhaps does not even have a hard drive Puppet Reporting and Monitoring projectbaseline.org. Two additional files store status information about NFS exports, /var/lib/ nfs/rmtab and /var/lib/nfs/xtab Linux Networking Cookbook [LINUX NETWORKING CKBK] [Paperback] http://projectbaseline.org/books/linux-networking-cookbook-linux-networking-ckbk-paperback. IP address is an address which does not change in the whole communication while mac address keeps on changing as the packet traverse hope by hope Docker: Up & Running download for free projectbaseline.org. With detailed activities and instructions based on real-world scenarios, this book will be your guide to the exciting world of Linux networking. Jay LaCroix is an open-source enthusiast, specializing in Linux ref.: Automating UNIX and Linux Administration (The Expert's Voice) chiaradalmaviva.com. Rather, you can use the script’s reload argument, which causes exportfs, discussed shortly, to reread /etc/exports and to re-export the file systems listed there. Both restart and reload also update the time stamp on the NFS lock file used by the initialization script, /var/lock/subsys/nfs. The status argument displays the PIDs of the mountd, nfsd, and rquotad daemons Unix and Linux System read for free Unix and Linux System Administration. Linux and Unix users who need to consolidate and advance basic knowledge that they have picked up in an ad hoc fashion. Linux and Unix users taking their first steps into professional Unix/Linux system administration, Unix/Linux network administration or Unix/Linux programming Beginning Ubuntu Linux: Natty Narwhal Edition (Expert's Voice in Linux) http://ecofreshcarpets.com/books/beginning-ubuntu-linux-natty-narwhal-edition-experts-voice-in-linux.

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