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Though the Hussar’s fighters did damage some of the dropping units, they were mostly preoccupied by the fighters from the Godzillas and Lindon’s Company. If you have seen another timeline you wish to contribute to, please make sure you go through the appropriate channels to look for inclusion of your ideas or advisement on the timeline. Then in 1978 he had a serious accident that put him out of commission for physical labor until 1984.

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The Trial

The Chatelaine and the Storm (Queen Victoria's Magicians Book 2)

Alternate history can be seen as a subgenre of literary fiction, science fiction, and/or historical fiction; different alternate history works may use tropes from any or all of these genres. Another term occasionally used for the genre is "allohistory" (literally "other history"). [4] Since the 1950s, this type of fiction has, to a large extent, merged with science fiction tropes involving time travel between alternate histories, psychic awareness of the existence of one universe by the people in another, or time travel that results in history splitting into two or more timelines Alt Hist Issue 8: The magazine of Historical Fiction and Alternate History read pdf. Though Reagan would handily win his reelection against Mondale in 1984 (despite the latter carrying Michigan and New Jersey), his Vice-President Bush would narrowly lose out to Michael Dukakis in 1988 A Dragon, a Dreamer and the Promise Giver General Post Office Map of Dublin, 1852 (Dublin City Library & Archive) While working as a tour guide in Dublin city centre, covering 2,000 years of Irish history, I began to see the city’s iconic buildings as a gateway to the past The Stress of Her Regard An example of this sort of thing is the question 'What if Napoleon had won at Waterloo?' What would that victory have implied for Europe, and the world? And what would the world be like today if Napoleon had won there ref.: The Old Wives' Tale In quantum theory, new worlds would proliferate with every quantum event, and even if the writer uses human decisions, every decision that could be made differently would result in a different timeline King Stephen, the Silver Man read online King Stephen, the Silver Man and Greta. The birth control issue, split the pro-life community for many years and hamstrung their efforts during the crucial 1960's, when public opinion began to shift in significant fashion. In 1962, national news reports of a women who died from an illegal abortion (and then was cut into pieces) horrified the nation, and "All-American" mom, Sherri Finkbine, became famous for having to go to Sweden to abort the child she feared would be disabled The War That Never Was

In the Americas, tensions began to develop that would eventually help contribute to the upcoming war between Britain and France. The French government, particularly King Louis XV, still undergoing his gradual reforms, believed that control of the disputed Ohio Country was vital to secure France's possessions in Louisiana and New Canada Children of the Dusk (The download here download here. The Act created the office of Governor-Supervisor of the Company, who would be responsible for supervising and directing the affairs and relations of the East India Company. The act also incorporated most of the Company's armed forces into the British Army, creating the British Indian Army. This was a precursor to eventually incorporating the Company's possessions completely into the British Empire Castaways in Time (The After Cilmeri Series Book 6) Early indications suggest that Terry Venables and Howard Kendall are both favourites for the position Legends of the Dragon: Footprints of Draco in American Prehistory

Neva Spring Tide

Chronik Der Erdbeben Und Vulcan-Ausbruche, Part 1: Vom Jahre 3460 VOR Bis 1759 Unserer Zeitrechnung (1840) (Hardback)(German) - Common

By the People, for the People

Its description of the future is surprisingly accurate, all things considered, though it does imagine a world that runs largely on compressed air. Sophia McDougall's book Romanitas is set in the modern day in a world where the Roman Empire never fell. It now spans most of the globe, with many countries having different names and borders based on Latin names. There are still slaves, crucifixion and worship of the old gods, but they also have televisions and telephones (called longscreens and longdictors, respectively) , source: The Adventures of Alan Shaw The Adventures of Alan Shaw. They were unwilling however to become traitors like Pavel Ridzik, so the fight for Aldebaran continued. For months the two sides tried to gain a decisive advantage, but failed. To help settle the campaign, Capellan Operations Command sent in reinforcements , e.g. Adolf Hitler's Plot for World War Three The Gallic Empire is able to permanently remain independent from the Roman Empire and becomes a major power in Europe. Theodoric the Great has a son resulting in the creation of Wistr which lasts for a few centuries and a change in attitude in politics. The first part of A Thousand Russian Years, this alt-hist was based on a game of Crusader Kings. During the collapse of the Byzantine Empire under the Dukids, a young warlord - Vladimir Monomach - unexpectedly finds himself in charge of a small army that's about to create a big legacy ref.: 4remain To cut costs on the first aircraft carrier, Ely and his project team sought out first a ship capable of conversion but when he laid eyes upon the hull of the battlecruiser Ranger, he knew he found his ship. With the low demand for a peace time navy, three years were spent constructing the aircraft carrier, with numerous U-turns in the design, including ripping out of the electrical system at one point in late 1919 The Occultation of Lena (The download epub All Romans start out as Civilians, but almost all aspire to become Citizens, because once one becomes a Citizen, they can vote, run for public office, acquire property rather than rent and even have babies through the acquisition of a licence , cited: The War That Came Early: The Big Switch

amer IZAN: One US Military Generals Deathbed Confession that changes everything....

Human Nature (Pax Britannia Book 3)

The Moscow Affair (From The Files Of Lady Dru Drummond Book 1)

The Servant Duchess of Whitcomb (Scandalous Whispers of the Remmington Realm Book 2)

In the Shadow of the Raven

SteamPunk Salmagundi

Eulogy of the Centurion

Krispos Rising (The Tale of Krispos, Book One) (The Tale of Krispos of Videssos)

American Exile

California Dreaming (Timeline 10/27/62 - USA)

Alvin Journeyman: Tales of Alvin Maker, book 4

The Toba Catastrophe (Days Gone By Book 2)

Nexus Point (Meridian Series Book 2)

The Wager

The Woman of Flowers (Heirs to Byzantium)

How I Created Katie Hopkins by Adolf Hitler

To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. How do you like to create an Alternate Universe/History? Do you decide what you want it to be like then work backwards from that point to develop its alternate history or do you choose a historical point, think of alternative outcome and extrapolate from there online? In any case, facing the constant threat of an uprising, the Confederate ruling class would probably have enacted a police state during the 20th century, similar to the one that existed in South Africa. The police state would have given free rein to terrorist organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan to crush any resistance at the community level Ultionis Ultionis. With the fate of his State already decided, Wilson saw no reason why his people should continue to suffer. His momentous decision to seek a separate peace opened a flood gate , cited: Mystery covered by dress read online Mystery covered by dress. Delta dropped onto the rear elements of the Sword of Light throwing them into disarray. While the Kuritan commander tried to rally his troops, the Dragoons loaded up on their dropships and left the planet , cited: The Jefferson Key (with bonus short story The Devil's Gold): A Novel (Cotton Malone) Passionate about history and geopolitics, he found a cool way to understand and manipulate them thanks to alternate history. He also wrote a short alternate history called Platine, which is available on Kindle. You can follow his current project on Facebook and discover his illustrations on DeviantArt and Artstation The Sky People (Lords of read for free General Waslewski ordered Colonel Halas to lead the Ducal Guard’s first battalion in a spearhead to break the Lyran’s flank , e.g. Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull. Der Memoiren, erster Teil, (Confessions of Felix Krull) read for free. At the same time, Pocket Monsters is continuing to gain traction and popularity in Japan, though no decision to bring it to international release has been made yet. Though unknown date specifically, the Atari Jaguar and Jaguar CD was most definitely discontinued either by this time or very soon afterwards Dreadnought download pdf download pdf. By Jeff Greenfield May 6, 2011 They had trained tirelessly and prepared for every conceivable contingency — guards armed with automatic weapons, martyrs with suicide bombs lashed to their bodies, escape routes through which the most wanted man in the world might yet elude them — except for the one that greeted them when they reached the third floor of the compound in Abbottabad and headed for an open door, weapons poised , cited: Shootout at Roulement Ridge download here download here. Resistance groups began to spring up and became more dedicated and organized as Grise became more tyrannical in his abuse of power. Riots occurred, but were put down with the help of the Primus’ personally picked BattleMech forces. Colonel Nevyetski indicated in his reports to the Captain-General that he was appalled at the political situation his adopted home had become and expressed his hope that the Marik would intercede Henry VIII: Wolfman: A Novel read epub read epub. Soon everyone concurred and before dusk Abu Bakr had been recognized as the caliph (6) of Mohammed with the responsibility to govern according to the Koran and the practice of the Prophet. The Sunnis and the Shiites agree upon almost all the essentials of Islam. Both believe in the Koran and the Prophet, both follow the same principles of religion and both observe the same rituals The New Atlantis

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