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I like to look at it as “What if we added X to this point in history?” To me, that provides a more robust template from which I can draw. Like enclosure society, move through frameworks are basic and moderately economical, unless you don’t have entry to a characteristic wellspring of streaming water. For the “Big Push”, 1st Army commander, General John ‘Black Jack’ Pershing (called ‘Black Death’ by the Confederates) brought forth the 14th Infantry Division and 21st Cavalry Division (dismounted) to the front lines in Benton County to spearhead the assault.

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Publisher: Stephen L. Wilson; First edition (August 31, 2012)


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For The Major: A Novelette (1883)

John Birmingham 's Axis of Time trilogy deals with the culture shock when a United Nations naval task force from 2021 finds itself back in 1942 helping the Allies against the Empire of Japan and the Germans (and doing almost as much harm as good in spite of its advanced weapons). Similarly, Robert Charles Wilson 's Mysterium depicts a failed U. S. government experiment which transports a small American town into an alternative version of the U Planters of the Crown Anyway, it caused a lot of damage and killed more than fifty people. Even collapsed part of the single-story portion of the building. My home was searched by jihadists, the RUS Army, and the ISF. And they didn't even have the decency to coordinate searches or even be content with one trip through , e.g. Woman With No Name (The Masacado Scrolls, Book 6) read here. The Poles as an ethnic group in Europe have been rendered extinct and I think the Ukrainians are hard on their heels. The Nazis extort a labor tribute from Molotov's puppet Soviet regime, most of whom never come home. CalBear said the point of the timeline was to show what evils the Nazis would have perpetrated if they'd won and it is most horrid. Of course, then everyone can cheer when the Nazis--technologically behind the Allies with their sciences poisoned by Nazi politicization to make that worse--get blasted by superior Allied weaponry , cited: The Feline Detective download here Amanda Dillon, University of East Anglia (UK), “Speaking Unspoken Timelines: Feminist Time Travel and Alternate Histories in Kage Baker’s The Company” Rosie M. Lewis, Durham University (UK), “Re-envisioning Female Subjectivity, Aesthetics and Collective Resistance in Lizzie Borden’s Born in Flames” Sarah Lohmann, Durham University (UK), “On the Edge of Time: Feminist Utopias, Complexity Theory and Parallel Future Histories” Alex Broadhead, University of Liverpool (UK), “The Romantics in Alternate History from Hawthorne to Card: Beyond Enlightenment Historiography” Jim Clarke, Coventry University (UK), “Unwriting the Reformation: Anti-Catholic uchronias in Science Fiction” Francis Gene-Rowe, Birkbeck College (UK), “Blasting Open the Historical Continuum: Antihistoricism in Benjamin, Dick & Le Guin” Fred Smoler, Sarah Lawrence College (USA), “Refiguring the Heroic in Two Alternate Histories: Stephen Vincent Benét and Harry Turtledove” Mikhaylo Nazarenko, Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University (Ukraine), “Post-colonial alternate history: the case of Ukrainian literature” Marzena Sokołowska-Paryż, University of Warsaw (Poland) “Ideological (Mis)Uses of Genre: Dystopian Visions of the ‘Past-Present’ in Daniel Quinn’s and Stephen Fry’s Alternate Histories” Pascal Lemaire (Belgium), “Our world, really The Sword of the Lady: A Novel download for free

And what if America didn't drop the bomb on Japan? The topic? what ever you want the topic to be. I'm sure any experienced wikian knows the rules The Hurricane Guide Being An read for free It was in those days that the great General William Tecumseh Sherman--whose name still strikes fear into the hearts of all Southerners, specifically those with an abundance of livestock--looked into the mirror only to find his own personal Mr The Vatican Files download epub Forstchen, Germans perfected long-range jet aircraft by the end of World War II and conducted successful raids in North America against the US nuclear program. 1995 December 7, 1941: A Different Path by David L , source: The Chatelaine and the Enigma read for free Synopsis: Opens with a US/Russian limited nuclear exchange, and then follows up the aftermath to an extent Best Books for children - Illustrative Stories Edition VI Best Books for children - Illustrative. For Americans, a bond of some $100,000 dollars must be posted for the “good behavior” of the privateers, and to keep them from exceeding the bounds of their letters of marque The Navy Justice Collection: Treason, Hostage, Defiance (The Navy Justice Series)

What If ?

The Punishment of Yang Wo

The Revolutionist

In fact, Sigrun has barely begun: the JFK-UFO connection; HAARP; the mystery of the Men in Black and – as we get to the end of the story – eschatology all crop up The Children's War: A Novel read here The Sultan's reform efforts had failed because of the Russo-Ottoman War, which had handed a severe defeat on the Ottoman Empire and had lead to the loss of both the Crimean Khanate and Greece online. The Polynesians living upon these islands were indifferent to the wars of the foreigners. Actions in North Africa were far from successful for any attacker. The French invasion of Italian Libya failed, and likewise did the Italian invasion of Egypt. By far, the largest theater in the colonial war was that of South America , e.g. [ These Barely Silent Dead: An read online She will become renowned for her domestic reforms and promotion of the Danish economy. Queen Mary I marries Ludwig Ferdinand, a prince of the Holy Roman Empire. They will eventually have five children: Eric (born 1443), Charles (born 1445), Robert (born 1447), Ludwig (born 1449), and Joanna (born 1451) The First Crusade against the Dead: The Accounts of Eye-witnesses and Participants Beam Piper, Sam Merwin Jr. and Andre Norton wrote thrillers set in a multiverse in which all alternate histories are co-existent and travel between them occurs via a technology involving portals and/or paratime capsules. These authors established the convention of a secret paratime trading empire that exploits and/or protects worlds lacking the paratime technology via a network of James Bond style secret agents (Piper called them the "paratime police") Truman's War: Vol. Two: The read here Ior Bock can speak the ancient tongue and believes the sounds of the Saga his family has preserved for so long are its most important teaching. was one of the greatest linguists and mythologists of the 20th century. His books get much of their power from ancient legends. The Hollow Earth is one of the most long lasting conspiracy theories, with origins in the Buddhist highly evolved kingdom of Agartha, the Greek Hades (Plato wrote of "tunnels both broad and narrow in the interior"), and countless other tales ref.: Children of the Dusk (The Madagascar Manifesto Book 3)

The Adventures of Brigadier Gerard, a Thrilling Saga of the Napoleonic Wars

It Begins (The New Dawn Book 1)

A Colder War (Great Science Fiction Stories)

Humans (Neanderthal Parallax)


Great Eastern Land: A Novel

Buddenbrooks Verfall Einer Familie ; Roman

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The Repatriation of Henry Chin

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The Lincoln Exchange - Book II

Thompson subsequently admitted on his death bed that Eisenhower had General George Smith Patton III assassinated; that the auto accident in which Patton broke his neck was not an accident at all. Patton was planning either to retire or resign his commission, and enter politics Unholy Night read online The invasion fleet consisted of the Third and Fifth Fusiliers of Oriente, the Fourth Oriente Hussars, the elite Twenty-first Centauri Lancers along with Fuchida's Fusiliers. Twenty-five conventional regiments came as support. To take care of the aerospace defenses of Hesperus II the Vengeance class fighter carrier Enterprise was being sent along Lies to Live By download here. Liane Hentscher/Amazon Studios hide caption Rupert Evans plays Frank, a young man caught up in postwar drama and turmoil, in the Amazon Prime series, The Man in the High Castle , source: The BrimTier Chronicles: Part 1: Life of a BrimTier Pirate download for free. Most of the Alternative history out there will take this turn of events and let it lead to a Martin Luther King as the United States first black POTUS and an Al Gore who became a movie star instead of a politician , source: Kill Them All download online. Several of the more democratic former Soviet republics have joined NATO and the European Union or aspire to do so, to enhance their security and economic cooperation. The United States and Confederate States are the sole superpowers in the world. Their culture is remarkably similar, and their influence around the world has swollen greatly. Together they are the world's two largest economies, with USA in the lead, and they both take a strong stand in the war on terror , cited: The dwelling-place of light read pdf All are plausible occurrences and add significant amusement to the game. In Rose Guns Days, Japan lost WWII not because of the bomb in 1945 but because of a natural disaster in 1944. Japan (or at least Tokyo) is flooded with American and Chinese government meddling, "helping" with reconstruction − and bringing millions of immigrants with them Terrible Angel: A Novel of Michal Collins in New York He set up non-profit programs in New York and California, taking groups of ten families who helped each other build homes, and learned skills in the process, which they could later use in a trade download. This timeline is the story of mankind's re-emergence from the aftermath Gettysburg: A Novel of the read here An Ascending Passage feature: Schwaller de Lubicz The ancient mystical tree of life. For those who like to connect the dots - a beautiful online exposition. Ancient Greek teacher of Sacred Geometry, he was far more than the mathematical theory that bears his name. Many sources put the fall of Atlantis at about 12 thousand years ago, at the end of the last ice age. Sea level was then about 200 feet (60 meters) below its current level, the water being locked in ice download. Second, we had a local catastrophe here along the shores of the southern Chesapeake Bay, and I've been involved in some of the response. Earlier this month, I think it was the 7th, actually, the container ship MARIA MAERSK was getting underway from the new container terminals here in Portsmouth , cited: A Novel:NO MAN'S LAND: comedy and thrill,war effects

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