Channeling Demystified for Spiritual Perspective

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Hi there my nan passed away 2 weeks ago from cancer, we were extremley close and i have been struggling without her…Ime and my fiance had a few drinks one night and decided to video the dark house, we got alot of footage, loads of orbs, floating feather type lights everywhere around me and my sleeping children. id like to think its nan, but im a little freaked out now ???? We also zoomed in to an orb and saw a female face that looked like my nan!! is our minds playing tricks??

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Kali the mother,

Throw away – do not give away or sell – any and all items you have in your possession – in your home, car, garage, garden or office, to do with any occult beliefs or practices, such as clothing, accessories, books, pamphlets, or other paraphernalia. Check your home against an occult cursed objects list, (there is a comprehensive list on this blog) online. However, be aware that Satan is capable of working his own counterfeit miracles Hang On To Me Mary: The timely read for free read for free. If one defines a strong character in terms of one's psychic constitution the standard becomes the capacity to which one is spiritistically compromised Extraordinary Legacy: A Memoir download online. To understand the principle of materialization imagine an atmospheric high pressure area and a low pressure area meeting end to end in unlimited space and with both systems rotating in the same direction , cited: The Voices Within Us: A Book read for free read for free. Other individuals experience a murder who have agreed upon this as a circumstance of their life prior to reincarnating, often in order to help many other people. Some individuals are highly evolved spirits who have had many different lifetimes, often as different types of beings, and when they cross over again, have a very specific place in heaven pdf. Waking up in the morning on 14th February 2010 I heard a voice chanting: "You are the chosen one" over and over in my ears. In spiritual terms creativity is a natural expression of spirit. As a river flows with ease through the channel that has been made for it, so ones natural creativity flows from spirit through the channel of the personality, the mind and the physical expression White Eagle's Little Book Of Angels CD (CD-Audio) - Common In the Christian perspective �only the light of divine Revelation clarifies the reality of sin and particularly of the sin committed at mankind's origins ref.: Listening in on Angels Listening in on Angels. His skewed comments were very misleading. Rick Warren wrote: "Without God, life has no purpose, and without purpose, life has no meaning. Without meaning, life has no significance or hope. In the Bible, many different people expressed this hopelessness. Isaiah complained, �I have labored to no purpose; I have spent my strength in vain and for nothing.� Job said, 'My life drags by�day after hopeless day� and �I give up; I am tired of living epub.

The descriptions and quotes that follow were all related to the author by hosts, sitters and circle lead Julia M. Strange UFO's & Aliens In My Life read pdf. On the contrary the Church conceives of it as a vital force, which awakens and summons the powers of man's soul, understanding, will and feeling, inspires them with a new love, with a new fear of God and His judgments, with a new yearning for transcendent holiness and infinite goodness The Spirit World A disquieting sense that everything in your life feels new and altered, that you have left your old self behind Winged Pharaoh publ Arthur Barker Winged Pharaoh publ Arthur Barker. The Gospels tell of many meetings with Jesus, from the shepherds in Bethlehem to the two thieves crucified with him, from the wise elders who listened to him in the Temple to the disciples walking miserably towards Emmaus. But one episode that speaks really clearly about what he offers us is the story of his encounter with the Samaritan woman by Jacob's well in the fourth chapter of John's Gospel; it has even been described as �a paradigm for our engagement with truth�. ( 86 ) The experience of meeting the stranger who offers us the water of life is a key to the way Christians can and should engage in dialogue with anyone who does not know Jesus ref.: Angels, Energies and read pdf

Angels of Divine Light: The Remarkable Memoir of One of Today's Leading Angelic Healers and Spiritual Therapists

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This is an especially fact-packed channel, with full exposure of death, what happens, and how we look at it. It also includes instructions on comatose individuals, heart transplants, ghosts, and even exorcism and "talking to the dead." Get ready... you might not agree with some of it since it's out of 3-D. Kryon speaks about many things involving the fact that we are split into many parts , e.g. Sylvester, Archie and the download online Sylvester, Archie and the Angels. He wants to help all houses of worship but does not want to convert Jews. Is his marketing expertise going to enable them to add to their congregations or perhaps raise more money? I guess Matthew had it all wrong when he said "For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul Angel Guidance to Connection, download for free download for free? Augustine says of the present state of the Church: "It is still night" (Adhuc nox est). And again: "The Church stands in darkness, in this time of her pilgrimage, and must lament under many miseries.[8] But on the other hand�and this is the second principle whereby the conflict is solved�if Christ plainly prophesies sin and distress, weakness and imperfection for the earthly Church, He promises quite as definitely that the gates of hell will not prevail against her and that His spirit will abide with us unto the end of the world Apocalypse Explained, Volume IV read online. Providing an update to The Urantia Book through angelic transmissions he has received and remarkable spirits he has met, Timothy Wyllie investigates the underlying motives of the angelic rebellion and the impact it has had on our planet for the past 200,000 years pdf. Terry travels frequently throughout the U. S. to work with groups of clients, conduct spirit gatherings, speaking engagements, and to participate in holistic and metaphysi Muriellle is nationally known and recommended. Murielle discovered she was psychic in 1994 at a intuition conference and realized that she could help her clients make more informed choices by tuning into their energy and offering more clarity about their issues My Conversations with read online

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The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Final Book of Daniel--An ancient angel awakens; true autobiographical account and gospel of a reincarnated, resurrected, angelified Biblical prophet

Strange UFO's & Aliens In My Life

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The teaching is about how we must learn to think differently about what is before us, and how the energy all "knows" who we are ref.: The Silent Wind Hear the original channelling Click on the ear. This channel takes off from the one in Moscow (147) and describes the potential for our planet, based on what has happened to the others like us download. Do you see loved ones we have lost long ago? America's best-known spiritualist medium has reached the other world. He has established contact with a "receiver" in this world--and has written this book. Psychiatry and metaphysics blend together in this fascinating book based on a true case history. Weiss, who was once firmly entrenched in a clinical approach to psychiatry, finds himself reluctantly drawn into past-life therapy when a hypnotized client suddenly reveals details of her previous lives online. Let none of them distract you from listening to and obeying that Divine connection ref.: The Gathering of Angels read for free I’ve mentored hundreds of new intuitives through the Automatic Intuition Professional Intuitive Training Program. The turning point in my personal relationship with my guides, the turning point in my life — began — not with an awareness of their presence, that’s been as long as I can remember — but with the day I finally said “Who the hell are you and why are you here?” That’s how the real conversations got started — the results of what I continue to learn from engaging my guides in a literal way are nothing short of amazing Crescendo Pa There also male nymphs, or water-men, who embody the male aspect of water. Here is a description of undines by Geoffrey Hodson: "There are two different grades of water-spirits at this (water) fall. One is apparently connected with the whole ghyll, and was first seen traveling swiftly up the mountain on which the stream rises , e.g. Angelic Power Flames download online The goal of New Age spirituality, then, is to become one (or rather to appreciate one's true oneness) with the universe and thereby be in harmony with God. Such harmony, in turn, supposedly unleashes the divine energy in the New Ager's own experience download. See, e.g., Northeast Theosophical Retreat Center, “Workshops on Therapeutic Touch,” under “31st Annual Advanced Therapeutic Touch Workshop,” Pumpkin Hollow Farm, tt_ws.html#advanced_ws. 27. Dora Kunz with commentary by Dolores Krieger, The Spiritual Dimension of Therapeutic Touch (Rochester, VT: Bear and Company, 2004). 28. Dora van Gelder, The Real World of Fairies (London: Quest Books/The Theosophical Publishing House, 1977). 29 , source: Angels on the Interstate download epub And just imagine there is another version of you who didn’t give up on those dreams. Who is telling you that it’s not too late to make them into a reality. This free introductory course on Quantum Jumping can help you tap into the power of your subconscious mind and unlock your own unlimited potential. Click here to unlock your full potential , source: Saved By Angels DVD: Including Study Guide Questions From the Book for Group Study Saved By Angels DVD: Including Study. I've made regular guest appearances on the Los Angeles radio station "KOST 103.5 FM" with the After the sudden death of my brother, my mediumistic and psychic abilities were awakened. The spirits provide me with evidence so that you will recognize it is your loved one communicating as I bring through their personality , source: The Legend of White Horse: read pdf

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