About Project Baseline

Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) is a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the exploration and conservation of the underwater world. Over nearly 20 years, GUE has been a leader in the education and training of technical divers, having trained more than 20,000 divers around the world. The organization leverages those divers to conduct exploration and conservation projects across the globe.

In 2009, GUE began a global conservation effort called Project Baseline inviting divers and water lovers alike to document marine and freshwater environments while supporting work with other scientific and conservation organizations. As of 2016, Project Baseline continues to grow steadily with over 70 projects in 27 countries.

Our organization encourages and supports community members who are vested in the long term oversight of local aquatic environments. Our volunteers record and catalog observations of these places into a widely accessible database. It is our vision that through extensive, long term documentation of these areas, the scientific and non scientific community will listen to the story of water that is being influenced and told by generation after generation.

Project Baseline has been at the forefront of increasing awareness of Florida reef decline as well as monitoring the health index for nearly 70 marine and freshwater environments world-wide since 2009. Watch as Project Baseline takes CNN underwater for special media coverage on Florida reefs - http://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2016/06/26/florida-dying-reefs-sanchez-nd.cnn